Sanuks are my new favorite thing.

His and hers Sanuks.

The honest truth is that I'm lazy, so I like shoes that I don't have to tie.

We don't have a yard of our own, so every night before bed I take our dogs out for a walk. These are the times when I look the roughest. I'm wearing pajamas or Kurt's scrubs, with a knotted tuft of wild hair sitting on top of my head, or sometimes I'm still wearing the post-shower towel turban. It's a sore sight, but I'm generally shameless, and it's dark outside so it is just my shadow that's odd and unflattering.

The only factor I take into consideration when I leave the house in this condition is shoes. I can't be bothered to tie my shoes, just to go outside for 3 minutes so that our dogs can pee in the flower bed. But I can't go barefoot, and even flip flops are questionable. It's rough terrain, down here by the railroad tracks. Ow, those rocks and sticks. And what If I step on a turd? Or what if a worm touches my toe?

Enter Sanuk. Out of convenience, I started wearing Kurt's pair. I bought them for him for Christmas because I thought they looked like him, although he'll attest that they also seem to scream, "Yes officer, I do drugs." Well, he has a point. His pair have cushy flip-flop soles, are made from grey hemp and are adorned with little Jamaican flag emblems. But seriously, listen to me when I say, they are like walking on clouds! They weigh nothing, and are a dream to walk in. Despite the fact that his are about three sizes too big for me, they totally revolutionized the dreaded nightly dog walk.

I bought my own pair, and they sure are lifesavers. Prior to buying these, I had started a strenuous running program and my sad, withering feet had seen better days. Also, might I mention that the day before they arrived in the mail, I had stood 10 hours at a trade show in a pair of broken down trainers (they matched my shirt, ok?). Well, my new Sanuks came in just the nick of time. For the next two days, I continued standing through those long days at work, and my feet didn't even mind.

Do I sound like one of those goofy infomercial testimonials? I promise Sanuk did not pay me to write this. My enthusiasm is sincere, albeit just a teeny bit fanatical.

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