Kathleen Lolley's Owl Vs. Crow Exhibit

Owl Eyes by Kathleen Lolley

Don't Bother the Crow by Kathleen Lolley

Afternoon Frenzy by Kathleen Lolley

Hello there, weekend! Tonight I'll be attending Kathleen Lolley's solo art show at WHY Louisville. Her paintings are magical. I've been lost in Lolleyland many times, drawn in by the dreamy woodland scenes and sad, peculiar forest creatures.

The "Owl vs. Crow" show will have an opening reception tonight at WHY Louisville (1583 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY). The exhibit will be on display there until May 9th.

Lolley told the Leo, "The main theme in my painting right now is conflict in folklore and nature between crows and owls. In character and temperament, they’re kind of natural enemies. There’s a lot of trickery and revenge going on — the crows deceive and mislead the owls, while the owls do things like steal away the sleeping crow in the middle of the night. I see that as a sort of a symbol for people, and in the ways that they treat one another.”

Her artwork is my favorite, and she happens to live and work right here in Louisville, KY. If you aren't from around these parts, you may find her work elsewhere:

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In other owl related news, has anyone been keeping tabs on the barn owlettes from last month's Tiny Tuesday? OH, Quick! Go look!

Teagan posted this very informative barn owl growth chart. I dare you to look at Day 42 and not keel over from a massive cute attack.

Meep! Meep!


  1. AAAGH! Day 42 indeed!!!

    My significant other is starting to get concerned by my Owl Box addiction. I may or may not have started internetting with two browser windows at all times.


  2. Her artwork is beautiful! The first one kind of looks like a deer. And I want to bite and eat those baby owls. Especially on day 42!

  3. I'm more of a day 35 man myself.


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