Tiny Tuesday: Owlettes are hatching RIGHT NOW! Go look!

How exciting! Molly, a mother barn owl, is currently in the business of hatching five tiny owlettes! Coming to you LIVE from the Owl Box, we can all witness these goo-covered babyheads emerge from their shells. Watch as Molly lovingly regurgitates dismembered rat carcasses into their peeping mouths! These are the tender moments that I live for. <3 <3

I really sweat the barn owl. See how beautiful and majestic they are? One time, Kurt and I went on an owl-themed date, how dorky is that? We attended a lecture about local owl species - my favorite part was when the owl handler explained how mother and baby barn owls line up on a single branch, wing to wing, and sway in unison to their own eerie song.

Also worth note: orphaned owls find motherly love in stuffed toy.


  1. WWWHOOOAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!1111one

  2. I missed how it happened, but some time as I turned to another window as she was sleeping, she started making a bunch of noise, and is now eating a giant dead rabbit?? THANK YOU FOR THIS! I might broadcast this beauty tomorrow at work to my students. Eff it!

  3. So, have you guys been checking in on mamma owl? The babies are hatched and all furry now! oomph.


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