Tiny Tuesday: Kim Burke's Food Miniatures

Kim Burke's food miniatures, via Flickr.

When I was a little girl, I adored Barbie, but unlike my little sister, I rarely spent time braiding her golden hair or outfitting her in countless puff-sleeved party dresses. I was far more focused on all of her fantastic miniature accessories, housewares and knickknacks. At one point, I valued the Barbie hot dog stand more than any other possession - more than Barbie herself! My favorite thing to do was stock and rearrange the concession stand's shelf with those little hot dogs, buns and sodas. Then I'd just lovingly stare at all of the tiny Barbie foods before rearranging them all over again. Hmm, now that I think about it, that sounds like terribly boring, obsessive compulsive behavior for a child. This explains a lot. :: twitch twitch:: The onset of my manic behavior began with a teeny hot dog?

Shorty after developing the Barbie hot dog stand obsession, I actually remember praying for the Barbie grocery store set. Instead, I received a sweatshirt adorned with puff painted kitties playing guitars, renounced Santa and set my sights on my brother's brand new Battleship game, specifically those exciting little boats waiting to be plucked from the packaging's plastic grid work.

Kim Burke's tiny food miniatures bring me way back to the days of the Barbie hot dog stand. I am loving it, big-time. Aren't they neat? Sculpted from polymer clay, everything looks so delicious and expertly detailed. Do I even see a faint layer of condensation on that tiny bunch of grapes? My favorite is the batter bowl, pre-egg beating. Who thinks of that?

Here is Kim's Flickr and Etsy Shop.


  1. Amazing, I love the peaches and the batter. The fig? Is it just me, or does it look kind of like a hemorrhoid, or a colostomy.?

    Probably just me.


  2. Im so glad you do tiny tuesday, I feel the exact same way about tiny things as you! When Austin Powers came out with Mini Me I said I want to eat him, I know weird. These tiny things are just the cutest itsy bitsy things I've seen! haha. I also had a doll house as a little girl, and like you would just rearrange all the tiny knick knacks again and again!

  3. Susan: Figs are so tasty, but they always remind me of little buttholes. It's a shame.

    Kimberly: Thanks for popping in to share you love of tiny things. P.s. I still want a doll house.

  4. Oh my gosh! The textures are so perfect.


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