Tiny Tuesday: Julia Hepburn's Lantern Dioramas

Hi there, Tiny Tuesdayers.

Here are some wonderful dioramas created by artist Julia Hepburn. She's crafted many small worlds, each tucked inside a cozy box or lantern. The scenes showcase such odd and imaginative little creatures doing peculiar things. I think they are fascinating and just as endearing as they are dark and strange.

Here's what Hepburn has to say on the subject of tiny:
"The use of small, doll-sized scenes, not only draws people in physically, but also makes the darker imagery less threatening, permitting the viewer to assign a wide range of moods to the work depending on their personal interpretation.

The unnatural size also allows viewers to feel as though they are looking at a world completely separate from their own, where the rules that govern their own lives do not necessarily apply."

I think you should visit her blog, then click on each photo so that you may examine each tiny detail in high resolution. There is also a great interview with the artist over at mocoloco, including a better look at her current installation at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. It's totally neat!


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