Tiny Tuesday: Adorable bunny eats a flower ...

I'll give you something to nom about, alright. This adorable baby bunny eats a flower, then washes his face! Oomph! Out of control, is what this is.

The end is the best part.

The first official day of spring is this Saturday, but I'm already seeing lots of little buns hopping around our neighborhood. This spring promises plenty of good times ahead, especially: We're getting married in two months! My insides are humming, I'm so excited! I think we'll celebrate the coming of Spring with a trip to Bernheim this weekend.

Kurt recently heard one of his 90 year old patients yelling out, "Nom nom nom!" He thinks she may have actually been saying "Numb! Numb! Numb!" but the tone was gleeful enough to conjure up lolcats.


  1. that face-washing? best thing i've seen all day!


  2. omg SO CUTE. I dont even have proper words to describe this.


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