Heat seeking missile.

Have you seen Harold?

he loves warm laundry
Ah, here he is, nestled in his laundry nest again.

Shh, he sees us.

Whenever I lug in a sack of warm laundry fresh from the dryer, Harold comes galloping toward me like a heat-seeking missile, intent on burrowing into a nest of warm towels, socks and gym shorts. Never in a hurry to fold, I returned from the laundry room one day and plopped our full laundry bag down in the corner before puttering off to fixate on more exciting things. Moments later, I turned around to find Harold perched on top of the bag, sitting perfectly astute, eyes forward, like a mother hen dutifully sitting on an egg. Ever since, he always appears to greet the laundry. Sometimes he'll try to paw articles of clothing out from beneath the clinch of the drawstring tie, then he'll dig and nuzzle his head into the clothes, meticulously arranging them into a small nest. I know this part is quite labor intensive, because he'll emit little straining grunts while he works. When it's time to fold, he realizes that his location is being compromised, but only tilts his head questioningly. He stubbornly continues to lounge as I begin to disassemble the nest. I gradually fold the pile into tidy drawer-shaped stacks. Eventually he'll get up to sit on an island of wash cloths.

Harold is an Italian Greyhound. He has a thin flocked coat of velvety smooth hair and no undercoat. Fully grown, he weighs a whopping 12 pounds. Being warm is his favorite. He'd crawl inside an oven if we'd let him (believe me, he's tried). One time, we watched him gingerly attempt to step into a roaring fireplace, unaware of the protective glass shield around the hearth. His wet nose sizzled on the hot glass, and he just stepped away unblinking. Kurt likes to make cynical jokes about how Harold just loves us for our warmth, and his snuggles are merely primal gestures necessary for regulating body temperature.

As far as evolution goes, I fear that many survival skills may have jumped ship somewhere along the way between wolf and Italian Greyhound. But maybe Harold's genetic makeup holds some sort of awesome secret - in trade for the keen instincts of his wolf brothers, he has developed rad heat sensing abilities like the Predator!


  1. lol That's what my Iggy does! Great post, and awesome pics! Will be following your posts!

  2. I love IGs. They are definitely a handful, but I feel like life without one would be so dull. I'm so glad to have another IG enthusiast reading! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! What a sweet little dog! We're looking for a weiner dog... to name dolores..

  4. Oh, gosh, I like weiner dogs. They're small heads always seemed worried. Growing up, there was a neighborhood weiner named Queenie. She was a dream.


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