The great macaron experiment.

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Our handsome macarons. Sweet success!

After several failed attempts at baking those fancy, airy, buttercream-filled French macarons, I eventually surrendered to the notion that I had finally met my match. Macarons were my Achilles heel. Kitchen Kryptonite. The thought of those perfectly delicious, pastel-hued cookies as being unobtainable, practically mythical in Kentucky, sent me into hysterics. Could I be forever relegated to baking brownies and cupcakes? Could it be that my amateur baking skills top out at petit fours? Is that all I'm good for? I feel like I should be moving forward, but at this rate, I feared my epic failures would send my ass back in retrograde. The next thing you know, I'll be showing up to potlucks with a Pyrex full of dirt cake.

So after one long minute of feeling sorry for myself, I stubbornly decided that come hell or high water, macarons would be my specialty. Despite that little fact that I'd never actually succeeded in the art of macronage. This is a text book case of my own special brand of insanity, where ambition trumps capability, but forges on regardless, even if it means losing bits and pieces in translation along the way. I blame my brain. It paints the prettiest pictures of what could be, should be. And according to my brain, I should be perched proudly atop a little roost of my own beautiful, homemade macarons.

It was time to get serious. Armed with a few library books on the subject and several online tutorials, I got right down to business. Thankfully, my friend Ursa bravely offered to join me in this pursuit, and together we belted out three batches, in three flavors, and two different fillings. Incredible! There were a few minor setbacks, but in the end, we were triumphant! They were delicate, airy, slightly chewy, and so very delicious.

Our macaron-a-thon yielded cookies in these flavors: green tea with honey buttercream, traditional almond with raspberry/white chocolate buttercream and a chocolate version with with raspberry/white chocolate buttercream. YUM! With those under my belt (literally and figuratively), I can confidently make good on my promise to myself. Next stop, total macaron domination! Forward, Hooooo!

We discovered a few secrets along our journey, most of which can be found here (article written by Tartlette, via Bakerella.)

I know you, macarons. I know who you are.


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