Valentines and hot dogs.

Chicago Dog

On Valentines Day, Kurt and I went on a date to the hot dog shop. Because we are so fancy like that.

If we were hot dogs, this is what we'd look like.

Here is a picture of our hot dogs sharing an intimate Valentines Day moment together. I think if we were hot dogs, this is what we'd look like.

Kurt said, "There's no better way to celebrate Valentines Day than with a romantic dinner of lips and assholes." He has such a charming way with words, doesn't he?

I had the Chicago Dog (Kowalski dog, whole wheat bun, tomato slices, dill pickle, sport peppers, sweet relish and celery salt) and Kurt had the Junkyard Dog (Kielbasa, whole wheat bun, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, celery salt and spicy mustard). We shared an ass-kicking ginger ale float. If you live in Louisville, you should visit this fun place. They also have vegetarian and vegan dogs, if you swing that way.

We were the only ones there, sitting on stools by the window and eating our summertime lunch while watching the wintertime weather outside. The snow has been falling ever since!

The rest of the day went so sweetly. The best moments are the simple ones. Just being around each other. We do our own things, but peak over each other's shoulders, make little jokes, hum little songs. I like to walk up and hold an imaginary ice cream cone under his chin, and announce, "One scoop, please!" He walks up behind me, real soft and quiet like, then accuses me of farting, sound effects included. We laugh and then we kiss.

Valentine Cookies.

These things also happened: I delivered surprise Valentine cookies to my Mom, flipped through my new library books under layers of afghans and puttered around the house like I tend to do, with my head full of dreamy plans and lists. Later, with the beebs tucked into their blanket nest on the couch, I embarked on my ongoing quest to bake the perfect loaf of crusty artisan wheat bread. Then I got to work on my favorite snow-day supper. Homemade chicken noodle soup with those big hand-rolled egg noodles.

Perfect day.

P.S.: My other Valentine.


  1. sounds like a great v-day. as long as i get cookie cake (which i DID), i can't ask for anything more. :)

  2. this is so cute! sounds perfect for you two :)

  3. this is so cute! sounds perfect for you two :)


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