Tiny Tuesday! The mightiest of the tiny.

To celebrate the first official Tiny Tuesday, I'm going to blow your mind wide open with the most fascinating, mightiest, tiniest of creatures! This is, as Kurt would say, some next level shit.

Can you guess? Here are some hints:

  • This versatile animal can survive in almost every known habitat; On the top of Mount Everest, your city's rooftops and alley ways, the ocean's deepest abyss, even outer space.
  • They have very distinguishable legs, claws, arms, eyes, skin and muscles. Underneath their endearing exterior, there is a well developed brain and nervous system. They are also sort of fat.
  • Could be mistaken for a Gummi Bear. They even come in brilliant shades of red, orange and green. They also have the slow, waddling stride of a Gummi Bear. (Use your imagination.)
  • In times of trouble, they are able to revert to a "dry state", or basically die, by shutting down all of their body processes and shriveling up into a microscopic wrinkle. They can stay this way for a hundreds of years, if they feel like it. When things start looking up, they can be reconstituted with just a single droplet of water.

Inroducing ... The Amazing Water Bear!

Don't you love them? Don't try to tell me they're not cute. They are cute like pugs are cute, and people try to tell me that pugs are cute all the time! Oh and then there are their aforementioned extraordinary super powers. Like how they awaken from self-willed lapses of death. They're little cuddly gummi zombies. THEY CAN LIVE IN SPACE! "Oh hi, I'm a water bear and I'm just floating around in space today." WHAT!

Water bears have extraordinary survival skills, but in the absolute worst circumstances, they just do that zombie thing. That's not to say that they cowardly retreat to their dry state whenever the economy takes a downturn or they have a case of the Mondays. They roll with the punches. For example, their day-to-day activities largely depend on water (instead of breathing, they get oxygen from the water within their bodies). If water is scarce, they can live a pretty long time on the oxygen stockpiled beneath their jelly skin. If there is a flood, they inflate like miniature balloons and ride that mother out.

Technically, a water bear is called a Tardigrade (meaning slow-walking), but they go by cuter nicknames, like moss piglet, alluding to their affinity for mossy living conditions. If you have a microscope, you could probably stalk a few of them humbly residing in your backyard moss patch.*

If you are as smitten as I am, you may feel the need to represent with the following items of fan gear:

Plush water bear, by Weird Bug Lady.

*Kurt and I put a hand-held microscope on our wedding registry, just so we can ogle water bears together. Can you cuddle via microscope?


  1. It's FAT Tuesday, Johanna. Paczki day!

  2. I wish I had a Paczki!

    It's tiny and fat tuesday, so there.

  3. Ok, WOW.

    Then: where the hell did you hear about these things?

    And finally: fan gear? WTF? Who says, "Hey, I think I'll make a ring of a microscopic bug with super powers that no one (besides Johanna) has ever heard of?"

    Looking forward to more Tiny Tuesdays!


  4. Susan. Perhaps you've suspected this much already, but I am actually a nerd. If I am not actively seeking out my next elusive spirit animal, other people (namely kurt) make sure I know about their existence ... I guess bugs with super powers tend to be associated with something I'd like. I'm always on alert.

    But in this case, the water bear is Kurt's favorite animal. He talks about them all the time. A household name. I don't know if anything can beat the water bear, so all Tiny Tuesdays after this will be considerably lacking in comparison.

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