January recipes - Tried, tested, Whirly approved!

Each week, Kurt and I try recipes we come across on our google readers, or in magazines. Here are a few we tried and loved last month:

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From top left:

1. Cioppino Style Roasted Crab from January Bon Appetit. We substituted shrimp for crab, because the crab legs were looking awful sorry at our neighborhood seafood counter. Maybe next time, crabs. This was delicious with fresh baked bread and linguine with parsley and browned butter. Would be perfect for a crowd.

2. Root Vegetable Latkes with Smoked Salmon and Pears, from La Tartine Gourmande. I served this to friends during our New Years Day cabin breakfast. To accompany, I made Gruyere and egg souffle and cardamom orange pound cake. (Here's a photo of the whole shebang.) I really loved the colors and flavor combinations in this dish. LTG is one of my favorite food blogs. I've never made a recipe of hers I didn't love.

3. Kale and White Bean Soup from January Real Simple. We liked this one so much, we made it twice! It's perfect for a weeknight dinner, because it is quick and easy and calls for only a few ingredients. Adding a cheese rind to the pot is essential- that's where I suspect the flavor comes from, as it calls for no soup stock. We substituted chickpeas for the white beans. Kurt ate the boiled Parmesan rind - I don't think that is customary, though he recommends it. Ha ew.

4. Mexi Squash from Sprouted Kitchen. Delicious! My new favorite way to eat spaghetti squash.

5 & 6. Recently, we hosted a "fancy pizza" night. I made my own whole wheat crust and was inspired by the Pear Prosciutto Goat Cheese Pizza, as seen on Feasting on Art, and the Duck Hoisin and Scallion pizza from the January issue of Self. Both were delicious, but everyone's favorite was the pear/prosciutto combination. To that pizza, I added a arugula pesto sauce and substituted the goat cheese for shaved goat milk Gouda and fresh mozzarella.

7. Warm Winter Vegetable Salad (with bacon!) from Bitchin Camero. This was so tasty and filling. I kept thinking how perfect this dish would be to bring to a holiday potluck. I've flagged it, for next year's wintry festivities.

8. In light of current events, we've had Haiti on our minds. Kurt found this Hatian Pumpkin Soup (Soupe Joumou) recipe printed in the Huffinton Post. It's a rich and flavorful stew, spiked with jalapenos and lime juice. We added beef to ours. Don't forget to read the accompanying article about the recipe's history. *The soup only mildly resembles the photo - since the article didn't provide one, I found another photo from the Whole Foods website, apparently for the same soup, although different recipe.

I also attempted this beautiful dessert (via Tartlette), after picking up a perfect bundle of uber seasonal Meyer lemons one day. Instead of making individual tartlettes, I opted for one big, 8" mother. A combination of laziness and poor lighting has prevented me from photographing many of these successes, but I did get up the hutzpah to photograph my Meyer lemon dacquoise:

Coconut, Meyer lemon, white chocolate dacquoise with red currents - recipe via Tartlette.

What have you got cookin' these days? Please share. :)


  1. YUM. I love the pictures of all of these together.

  2. mmmm, it all looks and sounds so good! i don't make the time to try new recipes nearly as often as i would like, but these are tempting, especially the latkes!


  3. mmmm, it all looks and sounds so good! i don't make the time to try new recipes nearly as often as i would like, but these are tempting, especially the latkes!



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