Hellos and Goodbyes

Frostile Kurt (That's frost+hostile, in Kurt speak.)

Is it still snowy where you are? Our city has thawed out a little, leaving puddles of blackened slush and soggy patches of grass that swallow your shoes up when you step on them. But warm weather is almost here, I can see it peaking through! In the meantime, I'm waiting very patiently, trying to mind my manners and not shoo winter out the door before she's had her tea yet. This frosty picture of Kurt makes it a little more tolerable.

  • Seedsavers catalog
  • Breezy open windows
  • Foraging for mushrooms
  • Our first CSA basket
  • Bright cotton dresses
  • Shoes without socks
  • New shades
  • Reading in the grass
  • Early morning walks with our dogs and our coffees
  • Wedding! Honeymoon! (Just two and a half months away.)
  • Clementines ... you are my favorite, but I'm afraid you've passed your prime.
  • Favorite afghan on our bed. Its about time to remove the layers from my blanket nest. (The comforter must stay, because I like to bundle even on the balmiest nights.)
  • Freezing late night dog walks. You will not be missed.
  • Snow beards. You made me laugh so much. Definitely more fun than milk mustache.

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