Son of Rambow. Have you seen it?

This was such a fun, unexpected, adorable movie. I had never heard of Son of Rambow, but judging from the title, I assumed it was about groin-punching, violence, dicks and farts. Turned out to be a sweet, visually imaginative, heart-melting movie about boyhood, friendship, and adventure. Loved it! Have you seen it? I hope you rent it.

From Apple Movie Trailers:
"It all begins in 1980s Britain, when young Will Proudfoot, raised in isolation among The Brethren, a puritanical religious sect in which music and TV are strictly forbidden, encounters something beyond his wildest fantasies: a pirated copy of RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD. His virgin viewing of the iconic thriller blows his mind – and rapidly expanding imagination – wide open. Now, Will sets out to join forces with the seemingly diabolical school bully, Lee Carter, to make their own action epic, devising wildly creative, on-the-fly stunts, not to mention equally elaborate schemes for creating a movie of total commitment and non-stop thrills while hiding out from The Brethren. But when school popularity finally descends on Will and Lee in the form of, oui, the super-cool French exchange student, Didier Revol, their remarkable new friendship and precious film are pushed, quite literally, to the breaking point."


  1. i've never heard of this movie but after watching the trailer and reading your review i'm adding it to my list of movies to watch :)

  2. I have seen it! I loved it. A very well put together film. Thank you for reminding me of it.

  3. Awesome! Jen, I bet you will love it.

    Post Grad - Isn't it great!? I'd watch it again and again. :)


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