New Year's Cabin Trip

Hi, Happy New Year! A little late, I know, but I've been off vacationing in the wilderness.


Kurt, five friends (plus 4 dogs) and I rented that snow-capped little cabin there (second photo from the top). It was quite a fancy cabin, and we took advantage of the hot tub, fireplace and pool table. We cooked delicious meals, played games, watched movies, baked cookies and watched the snow fall.


Big breakfasts are the best on wintry mornings. We made the traditional pancakes and bacon and eggs and coffee (top). Another morning I baked a mushroom and Gruyere egg souffle, with Bea's delicious root vegetable latkes with smoked salmon and pears, and orange cardamom pound cake (bottom).

It was almost too cold for little Harold - the wind had his whispy bird bones quaking! On his first and only excursion into the woods, he shivered relentlessly, despite the snugly argyle sweater Heather brought for him. He preferred spending his weekend curled up in front of the fireplace or under a quilt, which is generally where we found him when he was not wrestling with his buddy, Fedor.

Mule, on the other hand, is a rugged, all-weather hound. I think the cool air energizes him. See how handsome he looked on this mossy rock?

Beth and I were trying to gesticulate that it was cold, or in my case, snowing.

Jon and Stacey.

Most of our time was spent like this:

I always say this, but I wish I had the foresight to take more photos. Our dimly-lit cabin was not very conducive to good photo opportunities, so our outside and morning shots were the only ones that turned out. There is little to no photographic evidence of Kurt, Alex, Heather, Sasha or Fedor! Hmmph.

But oh well. We had the best time. A new New Year's tradition, I hope!


  1. sounds fantastic. just reading about the food is making me hungry!

  2. these are such lovely pictures, look like you had fun :)
    my favorite is the final picture. makes me want to curl up and read a book as well.

  3. So pretty. I've been daydreaming about being snowed into a cozy cabin, lately.

  4. Looks like a lovely way to spend the holiday! Happy New Year!


  5. Thanks, everyone! Ya'll are so sweet. :)

  6. I really love that first photo! Makes me want to go out into the cold and start snapping away!

  7. this is amazing!!

    funny how people always want what they dont have. We are living in hawaii with the sun, but I would love to be in a cabin like this with the cold right now.

    i like the first photo a lot

    - - nate

  8. Thank you!

    Gee, I'd love to be in Hawaii right now! I'll trade you? You are right, grass is always greener, and in this case, literally.


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