Podcast Love

Happy, happy weekend! During these dark days of winter, a few great things have been keeping me occupied lately. I'll start out with sharing these two excellent podcasts. I hope you find them as enjoyable as I have.

Photo courtesy – Flickr/h.koppdelaney, via Radio Lab.

1. Radio Lab's latest podcast, "Animal Minds." Are you listening to Radio Lab? It's truly the best thing I've ever heard on the radio. BIG questions are addressed and explored, guided by the structured realms of science and philosophy, but illuminated by culture, emotion and humanity. Although heavy topics like mortality and morality are indeed mind bending, Radio Lab has an expert ability to lighten the mood, with conversational, often humorous, casual tone. When I listen, it's like big doors are opening inside my brain, evoking a kind of wonderment that I haven't experienced since I was a kid. The latest episode is about what goes on in the minds of animals. Do our dogs, for example, experience anything comparable to human emotions? I've always assumed so, but some argue that empathy is a uniquely human quality. This is one of my favorite episodes, featuring a particularly stirring segment about a "thankful" whale. I admit, I teared up a little bit. Just listen to it. Here.

2. Spilled Milk. I'm a podcast-listening fool, lately. This one is so fun, especially if you are as obsessed with food as I am. And well, I'm also mildy obsessed (BIG FAT CRUSH) with co-host and food writer, Molly Wizenberg. Her funny and charming book, A Homemade Life, was the nail in the casket for me - I've been a devoted fan ever since, sleuthing around her blog, her magazine column, and now, her podcast too. Listen to the first episode, here. It's about fried eggs.

Stay tuned! Next time, I'll share some good reads. And the time after that, perhaps some good tunes. Until then, I must know, how are you keeping yourself entertained lately?


  1. Ill have to check these out- thanks for the tip.

  2. great tips :) i just finished reading Philip Roth's ' Paternity ' and it was amazing. I read it in one night.
    I also just finished watching Dexter's 3rd season.

  3. these sounds great! can't wait to give them a listen. and i'm keeping myself entertained by.. tagging YOU in the hopes that you share 7 things about yourself:



  4. Jen - I hope you enjoy it! Best thing on rainy days.

    Maggie - I added Paternity to my Goodreads "to read list". I look forward to reading it. I'm still on the first season of Dexter though.

    Celeste - Sure, I would love to! I'll post my 7 later on today. Thanks for thinking of me.


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