Photo by Yellow Bear.

Sweet Celeste tagged me, requesting that I share seven things about myself. My seven:

1. I collect abandoned grocery lists found at the super market. I can often be caught peeking in people's fridges, cabinets and grocery carts, and then (shame on me) judging them accordingly, secretly.

2. Kurt knows how to make me laugh in hysterical fits, especially when he impersonates my voice and, more recently, impersonates what he thinks my farts sound like. According to him, they make sort of a drawn out, breathy *pffhhhaaah* sound.

3. We have painted portraits of both of our dogs, commissioned by a local artist. As if that alone wasn't ridiculous enough, Kurt gave the artist creative freedom to paint Harold wearing a regal looking outfit. Something noble, stately. Upon receiving the finished piece, we realized that Harold was mistaken for a female, and in the portrait he is depicted wearing a frilly platter collar and floral bottoms. I'm not sure how Harold feels about this, but I think he looks darling and I love the painting just the same.

4. One time, I saw a homeless man downtown pull a toaster out of his shopping cart, plug it into an outside electrical jack and proceed to make toast.

5. I am often attracted to oddly proportioned, strong featured Slavic men.

6. My hair is just now long enough so that I can chew on the ends, braided. Why do I do that? I must look insane right now, chewing on my hair and staring vacantly into a computer. I grew my hair long for the first time since childhood, hoping to acquire shiny, lush super model waves. Now that I have it, I'm compelled to tie it into a messy knotted nest on the back of my head. If it is not tied up, it's BIG. Really, big. It cannot be tamed. When I'm bored, I try to eat it, along with anything else within my reach.

7. This has happened to me more than twice: I am walking down the street, smiling, thinking, "Oh, what a beautiful day!" Before the thought leaves my brain, as if on cue, a bird shits directly on my head. Right where my hair parts.

Thanks, Celeste.

Rather than tag specific people, I challenge all willing parties to compile their own lists. Don't forget to send me back a link, so I can fill my brain with all those interesting facts about you.


  1. hahaha this is a great list! i love the real-life humor in it. and.. i love to look through other people's stuff too... i feel i get to know them through it? but i judge them, too. thanks for indulging me! ;)

  2. Your list is the very best ever! In fact, I'm SO pleased with yours that I'm going to enjoy it fully, and not bother with one of my own.

    And you should convince Ursa to blog. That gal has a lot to say! She'll say she doesn't have time, but that's no excuse. Do any of us have time?


  3. I wish I would have seen that man with his toaster.

    That picture inspires me to make a hat for my cat.

  4. what a fantastic, laughing list!!

  5. Now I'm thinking that all cats should have newspaper hats.

    I'm glad you all enjoyed these weirdo factoids about me. :)

  6. Now I'm thinking that all cats should have newspaper hats.

    I'm glad you all enjoyed these weirdo factoids about me. :)


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