A little hike.

tree stump chair limb walking
From left: Kurt on a log bridge (Mule worrying), smiley Brandy,
me sitting on that neat tree stump/chair I found, limb walker

We took the dogs on a little hike last weekend. Our friend Brandy came along with her adorable Lilly, a full-grown, pure bred golden retriever who curiously happens to be black and relatively dwarf sized. It was Lilly's first time exploring the forest, and I think we unleashed the wild animal inside her. She was VERY excited. I tried to take a picture of her, but I was only able to capture Lilly-shaped blurs.

trying not to get his paws wet!

The prospect of getting wet worries Harold. When he crosses the creek, I can't help but laugh, or snort, actually. He carefully tip-toes from rock to rock, trying not to get his princely paws wet.

Have you noticed that I am always blabbing about our dogs? Is this blogicide? What do you want, Polyvore wish lists or "I heart (insert item/celebrity/trend)" posts? Perhaps a long winded survey I filled out about myself. Noodz?

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  1. Dog love is always good in my (fur-covered) book.

    That sounds dirty, but it isn't.



    secret word: allys


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