Baby vs. Turkey

turkey's sized baby
Fig. 1. Mom, Frank and Sis, Thanksgiving 1983.

Frank and the turkey
Fig. 2.

Although I was just 1 year old when these photos were taken, I can look at them and practically see the scenario unfold. See, my Dad was the photographer, and he and I share similar thought processes. That is my Mom holding my younger brother Frank and that's my sis in pigtails. I am certain that Dad asked Mom to hold baby Frank up to the turkey. Naturally, he wanted to depict the size comparison of baby vs. turkey. This sort of thing is incredibly endearing to my father, and probably evokes some oddball sense of pride, although it is hard to say what prides him more, first-born son or expertly roasted holiday bird? Also worth noting, my Dad seems to have some weird cute=edible thing going on, which apparently I have inherited (exhibit A). After the first photo was taken, he realized he had forgotten to put the Giants hat on Frank's head, an essential element to any good baby photo in my Dad's opinion. With the hat, my Mom may have said, "Hey, he's just like a little version of you!" That's when my sister would chime in, "No, the turkey is more like a little version of him," with that expression (Fig. 1) plastered across her face. This is just speculation, but my dad would go on to place his glasses on the turkey to signify their likeness. Everyone would laugh, except Frank, who would fart.

1. I love my sister's annoyed gaze in the first photo. In the second photo, she exhibits the famed Inman wave, also seen here and here.
2. My Mom totally rocked the bowl cut in the 80's. She actually made it look good! New hair inspiration, perhaps?


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