Le Crueset Love

I love my Le Creuset dutch oven. It's beautiful, timeless, versatile, expertly crafted and comes with a lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for? I like how heavy it is, like one of my grandmother's antique kettles. It's so shiny and attractive, yet the weightiness reminds me that it means business. It's made of cast iron with an enamel coating, so it retains temperatures well and cooks food evenly. It will never rust and cleans easily, even in a dishwasher, if you are so inclined. I use it to braise, boil, brown and bake. It's a dream.

No wonder they are so widely coveted - you see them all over the sets of Food Network's cooking shows and artfully arranged in the magazine spreads of Martha Stewart Living and Bon Appetite. These pots can be quite an investment ($220-250!), unless you are one of the lucky ones like me, who received one as a gift. (Psst! On several occasions, I have spotted them at TJ Max or Tuesday Morning for obscenely low prices.)

So you see, this pot is incredible. One of my favorite possessions! I've even worked it's rescue into my escape plan, if our condo were to ever catch fire. I never put it away - it's always on the stove because I just love the way it looks. I'm smitten, I tell you!

Then one day something terrible happened. I used it to make mashed potatoes, and after a very vigorous mashing (with a plastic masher, mind you, not the metal ones advised against in the product manual), I discovered two small chips in the enamel. I was distraught and desperate, so I put all my faith in a box, along with the pot, and mailed it to Le Creuset's American headquarters in hopes that they would fulfill their prophesy of a lifetime warranty.

I admit, I was skeptical. I think of warrantees like how I think about health insurance: Having it is wonderful and comforting, but I hope I never have to actually use it. When I do, I am suddenly faced with questions, confusion, headaches! Everything these days seems to be entangled in restrictions, fine print, red tape, long and frustrating phone calls to foreign lands ... Surely, it could not be as easy as sending my ruined cookware back in a box with a pleading handwritten note, signed with a smiley face.

But it DID work! Can you believe it?! Two weeks later I received a brand new dutch oven, in the same flame red, packed carefully and sealed in their trademark orange box. They asked no questions. I filled out no forms. There was no note, no paper work inside the box. The simplicity and promptness was uncanny. It felt like Christmas! It felt like believing in Santa Claus.

I am a loyal customer for life. Le Creuset is tops in my book. Highly recommended!


  1. You are quite the writer! You've got me convinced. TJ Maxx... here I come. A hunting I will go... for my very first Le Creuset. I wonder if the warranty applies to TJ Maxx buys?

  2. Thanks! And no, it doesn't matter if you get it at TJ Maxx, so let the search begin! For the warranty, they don't require a receipt or original box or anything. I've even heard of people inheriting old pots from their mothers and still being able to exchange them 30 years later. You just call their office for an exchange number, enclose it in the box, and send it off! Excellent service.

  3. i love my le cruset... my mom gave me her cobalt blue set to take to college and i've been adding new additions ever since. i can pass it on to my kids someday!

    i just read the comment above, that is great information to know!

  4. I think a le creuset set would be the best inheritance!

  5. I think a le creuset set would be the best inheritance!


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