I carved a sweet wizard.

I really do enjoy Halloween, although I'm not much into the costume part. Does that make me a party pooper? I'd rather stay in, watch scary movies and eat tons of candy until I pass out.

Our pumpkins!
Some friends and I carved these pumpkins!

I carved a sweet wizard.

How did you spend Halloween? Did you wear a costume? Pictures, please!


  1. wow!! these look just amazing!! you are soooo talented to be able to carve such a fine image, especially on a pumpkin no less! bravo!

  2. I LOve your wizard! haha boyfriend and I carved our dogs faces into our pumpkins :)

  3. Giao, thank you! My friend taught me a trick to carving small detailed designs ... if you scrape the inside of the pumpkin wall until it is very thin, it makes punching out the tiny pieces super easy. I used a reglar pumpkin carving kit and one of those little battery powered pumpkin saw things.

    Jenni, carving Mule and Harold pumpkins did cross my mind. Haha! I bet your pumpkins were cute!


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