Waiting for me ...

waiting for me.

This is apparently what Kurt and Harold look like waiting in the car while I scurry around the craft store, trying to decide between a wire or vine wreath form. What is that mean face? Mean has never looked so cute. And yes, Harold has wrapped himself around his neck like a mink shawl.

What do you think about Kurt's Clark Kent glasses? They are Ray Ban Wayfarers sunglasses, but with his eyeglasses prescription lenses. I think they are chic, but his coworkers say they are outrageously nerdy (as if that is a bad thing). He works in an ophthalmologist's office, and the doctor referred to them as "birth controls." Ha! Well, we'll see about that.

I mean, Haha! WHAT? Just jokes. I just have the hotts ... no babies here. I'll shut up now. Bye.


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