The pumpkin game.

pumpkin game

At first, it happened like this: I would be quietly reading a book or washing dishes. I'd feel Kurt creeping up behind me. His hand would graze the back of my neck. I'd feel it turn the corner at my ear and slowly creep to my face, to my mouth. There was always something in his hand. Sometimes it would catch me off guard, and I'd jump and squeak, "What are you doing!" When his sneaking hand made it into focus, I'd see a treat or some cute little thing. A jelly bean or a pretzel stick or a Japanese pencil top eraser shaped like a frog. One day, it was an engagement ring! I always laugh. I guess Kurt likes to see my face gradually shift from oblivious to uneasy to happy and laughing. He's like a magician, pulling laughs out of nowhere. If I ask what is in his hand before I can see it, he'll say something like, "Oh, just a little bit of poop."

Last Halloween, I bought a bag of those candy corn pumpkins. We quickly discovered that they made the perfect sneak-up treats. Just look at them - they're cute, friendly and unassuming ... you can't possibly be angry while eating one. We spent the whole month surprising each other with tiny pumpkins. When they arrived back on the store shelves this year, we immediately bought a bag for surprise business only.

That Kurt is very clever. He gets me every time. Sometimes he'll say, "Dang! Harold pooped on the carpet again!" I'll run over to Harold's choice pooping spot, shaking my head in dismay, only to find a pumpkin sitting in the corner. Or he'll say, "I don't think this peanut butter is good anymore. Ew, come look at it ..." I'll walk over and say, "Pssh, peanut butter doesn't go bad! (?)" But when I look over his shoulder into the peanut butter jar, I see that the lid is screwed on and there's a pumpkin sitting there. He's laughing, but it's also like the pumpkin is laughing too. Co-conspirators. Lately, he's hidden them in his pockets to surprise me while we're out, when I'm least expecting it. He's hidden them in my lunch bag.

Last night, we were at the grocery store and I was angry. We were arguing over something inconsequential, but I was stubbornly devoted to staying in a sour mood until I either slept or died. While Kurt went off to grab something in another aisle, he sent me a picture text. It was a picture of a pumpkin in his hand. I smiled and turned around and he was right there, laughing, with a pumpkin in his hand! All of the sourness just melted away. I wanted to kiss him! I wanted to cry! Here I am, this grouchy jerk, and he's out running around hiding pumpkins so that I will laugh.

He spent the rest of the time at the grocery sneaking away to text me pictures. There were pumpkins in the freezer aisle, sitting on top of produce bins and wedged between mustard jars.


  1. i love this post.

    "I was stubbornly devoted to staying in a sour mood until I either slept or died."

    hahahahaha . . yes i've been there. too often by jesse's standards. :)

  2. That is ridiculously cute. :)

  3. Just found your blog, and this post is lovely. Those surprise pumpkin moments are treasures. I'm happy for you, and *with* you!



  4. Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to have discovered your blog as well. Take care!

  5. "We were arguing over something inconsequential, but I was stubbornly devoted to staying in a sour mood until I either slept or died."

    Why do you guys do that? Why can't we all just get along?

  6. Hi Guavins! Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods. Your little podling is so adorable. I've been lurking around, looking at pictures. ;)

    Guav, I don't know why I do that. It's so silly to savor bad feelings, but I am certainly guilty of it sometimes.


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