Good times after all.

Some upsetting news left us in a stubborn funk over the weekend. I just wasn't motivated to work on any projects, take photos or embark on adventures. The weekend wasn't a total bust though. I made a list of all the pluses, mostly to prove to myself that I had a pretty good time after all:

+ Amazing grilled cheeses were enjoyed with good friends. We had scamorza, smoked gouda and asiago fresca with prosciutto on rye. Panini pressed!
+ The Sniff exhibit at Friday's Trolley Hop was pretty tight. Here's a little video we took.
+ Epic shopping therapy. We bought his and her iPhones. (See how happy I am? That was the first photo taken with Kurt's iPhone camera.)
+ Enjoyed a terrific dinner at Saffron's, a fancy Iranian place downtown. We shared a rack of lamb with basmati dill rice, vegetable kabobs with pickled herb sauce. Delicious!
+ This pretty comforter I've been coveting went on sale, just in time for snuggle weather. I snatched it up, and now I feel like I'm sleeping under a cloud. Especially with the aid of this here sleep machine app for the iPhone. It's a dream.
+ Lots of good family time.
+ Zombieland.

Nope, not so bad at all.


  1. mmmmm grilled cheese! No matter how its made it's always fantastic, but with those kinds of cheese Yowzah! Pass the plate!
    I LOVE the comforter!

  2. How was Zombieland? I really want to see it.


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