Craft Projects

I've been feeling awfully crafty lately. Here are a few of the projects dancing around in my head:

I'd like to make a Wrigley doll, inspired by these handsome pups by Tamar Mogendorff. Or maybe a handmade draft dodger, shaped like a wiener dog, for the winter gusts of freezing air that whoosh under my door?

A bunting like Kristina's.

And maybe a couple of Amy Butler Gumdrop Pillows.

A big braided rag rug. Photo by Elizabeth Anne, instructions found here.

And of course, Martha Stewart never disappoints.
On her website I found tutorials for:

needle felted throw pillows

Still working on my baby quilt and fall wreath. If laziness does not consume my ambition, I will be unveiling them here to be judged/applauded/laughed at.

Is anyone else out there making stuff? I'd like to see.

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  1. ooh i love those crazy bird masks from martha! i saw those a few weeks ago and bookmarked it for later crafting. very cool.

    i'm making a trip out to the craft store tomorrow. i'm excited!


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