Terrible dancer.

This is Kurt at a dance party:

And this is me at a dance party:

I think Kurt is an excellent dancer, mostly because he doesn't give a crap about what he looks like. I, on the other hand, am far too self conscious to move much at all. And when I do try to dance (at home, alone), it seems like only my shoulders want to move. I shrug around the house, frantic and off-beat. It looks like how a frightened bird would run, trying to lift off but they can't, because their wings are clipped.


  1. amazing. i literally el oh elled at this post.

  2. haha nice. You should take a class! My boyfriend and I are the opposite. He won't dance in public and I took lessons for 12 years when I was little. We enrolled in a class and he was nervous at first, but he loves it now! Maybe do an intro to hip hop class where everyone feels a little awkward at first!


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