A lunch bag in disguise.

Here is my new lunch sack. It's orange canvas with a silvery, spacesuit-like insulated lining. I carry it like a purse. There is enough room for my hulking Tupperware containers and the side pockets are perfect for hiding a string cheese, a Lara Bar or a carefully planted surprise.

Today, Kurt packed my lunch: yogurt, a banana, pistachios, four cherry tomatoes, 4 radishes, one carrot and one candy corn pumpkin.

I really enjoy my lunch breaks these days. I slip a book into my lunch bag and walk a few blocks to a bench on the river. Blinky-eyed sparrows creep up inches behind me, hoping to share my Wasa cracker. Herons and river gulls pull fish out of the river and they fly away heavy, bobbing in the air as the flopping fish anchors them closer to the ground. Everyday at noon, an old man gets off from his custodian job at the courthouse and walks down to the riverbank with his bucket and collapsible fishing pole. He reels in these fat, ugly things. One after the other, he'll throw them all back, sometimes not even looking at them. He says he wouldn't dare eat a fish out of the Ohio, but he likes reeling them in. He says he catches almost 20 or 30 every day.

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