Plastic animal masks are surprisingly eerie, don't you think? Is this duck mask supposed to be cute?

Who is going as a sexy-something-or-other this Halloween? Because that's what women do these days, right? Yawn. If I were to dress up as a sexy something, it would have to be hilarious. Like a sexy turd. A sexy ashtray. Sexy hot dog!

In these photos, I'm wearing my brand new American Apparel hoodie - the one Kurt bought me for my birthday, which isn't until next week, but he can't stand to hold on to a surprise for longer than a day, so he gave it to me anyway last Friday. He's already asking if I want to open another gift! But I said nooooo way. Sheesh.


  1. haha I love the mask!!! (You could be a sexy duck for halloween-haha we all now how sexy ducks are right?)

  2. Oh wow, that IS creepy. I always say that Halloween is every girls excuse to be slutty and get away with it ;) I'm either going to be Yoko this year, and Michael will be John Lennon, or I'm going to be the girl on the Raisin box. haha Neither is sexy. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Have a great day.

  3. Aura, I really like your girl on the raisin box idea. Maybe I should be the Morton salt girl. haha

    Jen, I was trying to picture me going as a sexy duck, mask and all, and it was actually creepier than a non-sexy duck.

    The duck mask was actually one of the least creepy animal masks they had. The goat ... ::shudder::


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