Ground control to Major Tom.

nan rocket

If you were still on the fence as to whether I am a total dork, this entry may spell it out for you. On Saturday, we held the first meeting of the Major Toms Model Rocket Club. We shot model rockets 1000 ft. up into the clouds, and it was totally rad.

rocket kit
The kit we found had 2 rockets, one of which had a parachute! This detail excited me
more than it probably should have.

research materials
Rocket Science.

Kurt's rocket
Kurt named his rocket. (?!)

<span class=
Here is Jason, preparing the launch pad.

I attached a tiny parachute. It may have been the cutest parachute in the history of rocketry.

<span class=
Kurt posing with his rocket moments before its maiden voyage.

Unfortunately, ground control lost communications with Science Cock within the early stages of its flight. A search party was sent out the following morning for the remains of the MIA rocket. As of today, no wreckage has yet been found. On Saturday, Kurt stated that this is only a small infraction in the Major Toms flight program. He assured that the accident would not hinder the club's plans for future launches.

lamenting the loss of science cock
Kurt mourned the loss of his rocket with a PBR on the back
porch of his Mom's house.


  1. love you guys! i need to get out of my slump and hang out more often.

  2. We have fun every day and you are always invited.

  3. this is so fantastic!! i need some sort of extra-curricular activity like this.


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