Photos from the weekend.


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breakfast slammer

goat eye

Over the weekend:
  1. I fawned over my freckle-bellied, red headed puppy.
  2. We attended a star party at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park and looked at the Moon and Jupiter through high powered telescopes.
  3. One morning, Kurt made me a "breakfast slammer". This meant spinach, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, avocado and scrambled eggs, wrapped in a flatbread and covered in habanero yogurt sauce.
  4. We barbecued in our friends' backyard, drank Bloody Mary's and ate an entire rack of lamb chops. Long after my usual bedtime, the four of us became quite wild. Before I knew it, the house was full of Danish men. They played pinball, held our sleeping puppies and graciously presented their technologically advanced research instruments. (?!)
  5. My long lost cousin found me on the Internet.
  6. We collected a king's ransom worth of tomatoes from our garden, but unfortunately, it is curtains for my white cucumber plant. I helped our friends harvest carrots, and now I terribly regret not growing a bed of carrots of our own. There is nothing more satisfying than pulling a carrot out of the dirt.
  7. We went to the Louisville Zoo, where everyone seemed to be either pregnant or morbidly obese. "Oh my God, did you hear that?" we'd say, in reference to parents hissing at their children or dumbly fumbling through made-up explanations about gorillas or Gila monsters. Then we shared a frozen lemonade and pet the goats.


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