Kentucky State Fair

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Elephant Ears


under the food tent

hooded sheep

Southern Girls 4-Life

blue ribbon tomatoes

fair goers

Kentucky State Fair

Carnival imagery, pirate ship, pumpkins the size of hobbit houses, fair food, people watching, pineapple whip, duck herding border collies, hurdling swine, the "sizzler", fantastical fonts, rooster crowing contest, frighteningly huge stuffed animals, ferris wheel, circus lights.

Children on leashes, incredibly lackluster blue ribbon artwork, gluttony, motorized scooters, denim jacket adorned with a patchwork of human hair, fair food, scary-because-they're-jankity carnival rides, washed-up bands, bad hair/tattoos/sunburns/airbrushed tee shirts, vomit puddles, cow pies.

Not sure how I feel about:
Free prostate exams, strangely attractive carnie man, Freddie Farm Bureau.

I had not been to the state fair in years. I always get tremendously excited about the carnival rides, fair food, bright lights and local oddities ... but after an hour or two of being in the crowd, the wonderment fades and I'm ready to retreat. Nostalgia may have sugar-coated a few things.

What about you? Who else went to the fair? I'd love to hear your pros, cons and not-so-sure-abouts.


  1. i used to go to UK and we always used to go to the fair! i agree with you on the jankity rides...i always had nightmares that i would be left upside down on a roller-coaster or go flying out of my seat on that ride that spins you really fast. food was good though ;) love your blog! :)

  2. That airbrushed shirt is AMAZING. Holy lord. Who would wear that?? I kind of want one to wear around the house!

    I used to have such a love/hate relationship with ol' Freddie. I thought he was funny and terrifying in about the same measures. Under the "pro" column, I would put browsing the livestock, especially the chickens, pigs, and rabbits. Bonus points if there are baby animals!

  3. Hi, Moment. Thanks! I am most afraid of the upside down ones at the fair. I like roller coasters that go upside down, but the dinky little ones give me the jeebies.

    Dayna- I agree with you on the livestock. The chicken hatchery is very awesome. I was expecting to see more varieties of chickens though. Oh well.

  4. I totally hate children on leashes, too. I have vowed to never put my future children in one, especially when they are disguised as a monkey backpack. I know that I've doomed myself to having a crazy kid, but oh well! Your photos of the fair are beautiful!


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