Indoor succulent garden

Yesterday, I was able to put together the little succulent garden I've had stashed in the back of my mind. On the hunt for fall vegetable transplants, we went over to Theineman's. Instead of kale and cauliflower, I returned home with an Echeveria "Topsy Turvy", Othonna "Little Pickles" and an arid rock garden shrub, Gray Santolina.

I love succulents because the pulpy leaves feel like baby toes. Judging from my limited experience with cacti, jade and aloe, they are relatively tough to kill, requiring very little maintenance. They come in endless varieties of shapes and colors, all unique and somewhat odd. They remind me of Delia Deetz' strange sculptures in the movie Beetle Juice.

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I love this "Topsy Turvy" for its pinky-apricot colored flowers.

This greenhouse had the best selection of succulents I've seen in Kentucky. It was so
difficult to choose. I nearly wet my plants (ha. sorry.) when I learned that they were
all on sale for half-off.

succulent garden
My cozy plantlings in their new home.

I planted them all in a large pot, along with a little jade transplant and a few red an green rosettes of hens and chicks. I'm a bit worried about the Santolina (feathery tall guy in the back). I learned today that, although commonly paired with succulents, they are ordinarily grown outdoors and may need a little bonsai-esque coddling.

As I've mentioned before, I think succulents are lovely in bridal bouquets.
Have you seen this incredible succulent wall by Flora Grubb?
For succulents in KY, I recommend Thieneman's.
To order online, you may want to try this cute shop.


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