Hello from Texas.


Hello, hi. For the rest of the week, I will be working in Dallas, TX. This is my second year making this trip, and although I am fairly busy at the moment, I found this old journal entry documenting last year's experience:

In Dallas, the homeless people seem to have moved on from asking for money and they just idly roam around like estranged liquor-scented ghosts. They lay around the sidewalks at all hours of the day, apathetic to impeding the flow of foot traffic. I see them from the 12th floor of my hotel, randomly dotting the streets like machines that have run out of batteries. Often when I'm walking around, I like to scan the landscape for good places to sleep if I were a vagabond. These places include spiral tube slides at the playground, parking lot green spaces with high decorative grasses, or airport benches while disguised as a stranded tourist ... I think you would have to surrender completely in order to sleep at the foot of a crosswalk during rush hour.

There were some bands I liked playing near my hotel. Mistakenly, I approached the wrong entrance to the club, where a large man stood in a black suit with an overly manscaped beard. I said, one ticket please. He laughed at me and asked how old I was.... asked my name and added it to a list. While hoping that I hadn't signed myself up for some groupie exchange program or market research survey, I was elated that I didn't pay. I walked up the steps into a black room filled with lost high school girls staring at the back of a small stage. None of them seemed to know each other and all of them stood motionless, even during the fast songs. It only took minutes before I became creeped out and stepped over the velvet rope. Relieved, I found a small crowd of scrappy looking man-children, everyone fidgeting to the politically charged folk songs. The headliner played a song from his former, better band. There was a really drunk guy standing next to me and we goofily sang the song to each other. He didn't notice when he spilled his beer on himself or when I disappeared mid-chorus.
This year, I'm staying at this very swell hotel, going to a Rangers game and eating at this awesome restaurant. I actually am here on business, I promise.

So, who here has been to Dallas? Know of anything that I should check out while I'm here? I'd love to know.


  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/vietnamted/2448459000/in/set-72157604767776870/

  2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/vietnamted/2448459000/in/set-72157604767776870/


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