Let's go on a space date.

Under the Stars by RyanLF via Flickr.

Oh hi, guess what? The Perseid meteor shower is just around the corner and it's the BIGGEST, glitziest meteor shower of the year! The Perseid meteor cloud is made up of particles ejected from the Swift-Tuttle comet when it passes by the Sun. The annual event lasts from late July to late August, but will peak on August 12th. Astronomers are expecting to see almost 60 meteors streak through the sky every hour. I'll be honest, the geeks in us have been counting down the days. T-minus 19 days, to be precise.

So I don't know about you, but this is what we're gonna do. Kurt and I requested the 13th off work. The evening of the shower, we'll pack up the doggies, our sleeping bags and a picnic basket and head away from the city lights to one of our favorite camping spots on the Blue River. We'll find a patch of grass with a clear view of the night sky and lay in our tent with the canopy zipped down so we can watch the shooting stars.

::pushes glasses up::
Sounds like a date to me.

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  1. ah, balls. I try to see it every year and have only seen it once. We're going to be in Vegas for four days with that being smack in the middle! Vegas is the worst for avoiding city lights!


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