Meet Harold.

Baby Harold.
Harold (or Harry). First night in his new home.

This is Baby Harold, the newest addition to our family. He is an 11 week old Italian greyhound. Since his arrival last Thursday, he immediately accepted us as his humans. He's still a baby - a little stranger. What will he be like? So far, he's been overwhelmingly affectionate and sweet, periodically bouncing off the walls and collapsing into long naps. Already very nimble and speedy, he loves playing with the other dogs in our neighborhood.

Harold and Mule
At best, Mule tolerates him, despite Harold's best efforts to snuggle and emulate Mule's behavior.

Over the weekend, we returned to the cabin at Red River Gorge. It was hard. I'd never been there without Wrigley. He loved running the trails. He'd always run ahead and stop in the distance, waiting for us to catch up. I kept imagining him there, alert with his ears pricked, watching for us to turn the corner. I held Harold under one arm while I tossed a handful of Wrigley's ashes over the cliff at Chimney Top Rock. Kurt says Wrigley might make a little flower that perks up to the smell of campfire hot dogs.


  1. Harold is darling - Look at those ears! Might take him a while to grow into those, hehe! He's a lovely addition to your family :)

  2. Harold's ears are so silly. I heard that some IGs have strange ear phases during their puppyhood and the ears may not settle down for months or even a year! I think he's adorable either way. Did Cleo's ears go through any funny stages as a puppy? Wrigley's were always flat.


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