Harold's new friend.

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Our friends Alex and Heather just adopted a baby dog too. His name is Fedor and he is an 8 week old Boston Terrier. As you can see, Fedor and Harry are already cozying up to one another like littermates. I think they make quite a pair. Here we have a scrawny, pointy-faced mini deer and a baseball-headed, Muppet-mouthed barrel man. Baby Fedor is in that awkward, rolly polly stage of puppyhood - still too young for a good bout of rough housing. But I'm looking forward to seeing them romp around the yard together.

Aren't they sweet? When things are this adorable, my fingers curl up into a tight fist and I start to make guttural "Oomph" noises. In these moments, my body will only allow me to do two things: either mercilessly cuddle them while (lovingly) squishing their tiny heads OR feverishly take hundreds of Cute Overload type pictures. Because I just can't take it.


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