We'll get married by a barn. And there will be goats.

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Appalachian-style barn at Blackacre Nature Preserve

The first time we visited Blackacre Nature Preserve, we were the only two poking around, except for one fussy goat who had Houdini'ed himself out of the pin. He greeted us, but was soon disinterested after surveying our bodies for snacks. Barn swallows and red winged back birds swooped overhead and two big, blinking horse heads hung out of the stable's windows.

It's very pretty there. If you have not been, you should go. There are very old, fort-like buildings scattered around the property, nestled beside a creek bed or under trees. They used to have some functionality - a smoke house, a spring house, a cottage. The farm is surrounded by 300 acres of grasslands, forests, ponds and streams. Oxeye daisies all over.


Goat buddy

The animals were very friendly.

Kurt tickled a horse.

I fed our goat friend.

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Yesterday, Kurt and I signed a contract to reserve Blackacre for our wedding and reception. I hope my goat friend will be able to attend the ceremony.
We're not too keen on the formal routines of typical weddings ... instead of all the hoopla, we'll encourage our guests to walk the grassy trails, explore the homestead, pet the animals and sit on picnic blankets. We'll get married in a grassy field behind the Appalachian-style double crib barn. The field cozies up to a horse pasture and a strip of grassland that hides a good-sized frog pond.
We're pretty thrilled about it.


  1. that's the same day i got married! only six years previous to that... obviously, as i did not get married in the future.

    and congratulations... it sounds like it'll be a fun ceremony.

  2. congrats- it all sounds very romantic and quite perfect. Its going to be lovely!!!

  3. that sounds so great! Good for you all for finding what you wanted.

  4. Thanks everyone! We are very excited.

  5. Love barn weddings!! We looked into getting married at a local barn, but they all wanted an arm and a leg for a site fee. It sounds like so my fun!

  6. that sounds so great! Good for you all for finding what you wanted.


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