Wedding flowers.

Ever since my old man proposed to make me an honest woman, I've had my head in the clouds about flowers and dresses and stationary.

Currently, I'm ogling this beautiful bouquet, styled by Ink & Peat via House Martin:

Marigold ranunculas, Tara and Sphinx Gold roses, Moonstruck roses,
echeveria succulents, grey brunia, yellow kangaroo paws, and large dusty miller leaves

And these:

I love how Ink & Peat mixes in unexpected elements, like succulents, cabbage, berries and forsythia. I'm a sucker for yellow and orange flowers ... the cheery but sturdy and headstrong sort. In fact, Kurt and I are both swell on marigolds, which currently dot our vegetable garden to ward off pests.

I'm thinking of daisies and wild flowers in whites, oranges and yellows, arranged in a jumble with twigs and strands of wheat, with perhaps something else that's sweet and peculiar.

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  1. Love Ink & Peat! We're going with ranunculus, as well. I'd love dusty miller, but I'm having trouble tracking it down. We're also planning to use kale in the centerpieces... takes up a lot of room and makes a statement, too! We're DIYing it, so it is a bit harder to find what we'd like.


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