Short and sweet

So far we know that we are getting married outside, behind a barn in the month of May. There will be goats and horses moseying about. We want it to be relaxed, comfortable and sweet. And to our knowledge, the only accessible bathroom on the property is a composting toilet.

So I'm thinking maybe a practical, short wedding dress would be more suitable for the occasion?

Watters Brides Cancun dress via D Magazine.

But I am conflicted because I am a real sucker for the the lacey or vintage inspired long and flowies ... Especially the out-of-the-ballpark expensive Claire Pettibone numbers.

What do you think, short or long?


  1. Go with long if you think it will be a bit chilly (although short is awfully fun, too)... and stalk the used dress sites like Once Wed, Preowned Wedding Dresses, etc. I bought my dress used on Ebay for under 50%! You can make it work if you're willing to go second-hand.

  2. Short! I really like the birdcage one.

    But you could also do the thing that most wedding dresses do with their train, where it's long for the ceremony and then you pull a string or something and it pulls up for the reception.

    I can't believe you get to see Obama tomorrow. Hubba hubba.

  3. My vote would be long, but I love the long and flowy dresses. The short ones are very cute but (just in my opinion) don't feel fancy enough for a wedding. I am a fan of girly and fancy though.

    Yeah, the Claire Pettibone ones are gorgeous. I remember coveting those when I was wedding planning. I found my dress at Saks, in the "formal" department...you could check around at department stores for white and cream dresses. B/c they aren't "wedding gowns" they tend to be a lot cheaper.

    I will say, I was totally opposed to going to a bridal salon, but my mom talked me into going to Rebecca's in St Matthews just to look around, and it was actually SO fun to play dress up. It is rare in life that you get to try on $1,000 dresses. Plus, I got a much better idea of the shapes I liked and the ones I hated, and how fucking heavy and uncomfortable some wedding dresses are. It was helpful, if a little cheesy. The employees wear sparkly shirts that say "bridal consultant" or something. You have to make an appt though.

    Ummm this was a long comment!


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