Back to the Gorge ...

We spent another weekend at a cabin in Red River Gorge. It's my favorite place.
Here are a zillion photos:

Waterfall - Serenity Falls Cabin
Our cabin was tucked back in the clifty wilderness.
There was a waterfall in the backyard!

Josh under the waterfall.


Blue-tailed <span class=

Wild ferns

Watch Kurt scurry up this tree and scream like a baby. In the video, he demonstrates "tree bending", a childhood pastime of his. He's got a knack for it.

Cabin Breakfast
Everyone in our cabin loved to cook, so we ate incredible meals all weekend long.
Our friends Leah and Brennen made these most delicious banana/Nutella crepes for breakfast.

Heather, bodacious Amazon woman.

Heather and Alex (and Sasha)
Heather & Alex (and their dog , Sasha)

Serenity Falls Cabin

Cabin at night.
Our cabin glowed in the dark.

Mule's senior photo.

Velvet-faced Wrigley

Where's Wrigley?
Can you find the Wrigley?

Perhaps the only Pizza place in Slade, Miguel's makes the best pies. This one had
tomatoes, corn, avocado and jalapeno.

Pizza Party @ Miguel's

Brennen, Kurt and Mule at Whistling Arch Overlook

Whistling Arch Overlook
... and Kurt and I

Travel Buddies
Wrig is an excellent travel buddy.

Wrigley at Courthouse Rock

Fishing at Mill Creek Lake
Fishing at Mill Creek Lake

Fishing with a bottle, string, stick and bait.
Kurt fishing with a stick, a bottle and a string. It actually works.

On the way home ...
On the way home, we stopped at Hardee's in Winchester - a mystical wonderland where
Ale 8 flows on tap.


  1. OMG Ale-8 and Miguel's!! I am jealous. Sadly, we have neither of those things here.

    Looks like a great trip!

  2. OMG Ale-8 and Miguel's!! I am jealous. Sadly, we have neither of those things here.

    Looks like a great trip!

  3. Hey! Nice photos! Where was that cabin. I am going down there in May and we live in Michigan. Not to pricey?

  4. Kyle, I think the cabins are priced really well. They range from $70-200 a night, sleeping anywhere between 2-10 people and they're all fully equipped with everything you need and don't need (most have hot tubs and fireplaces). There are a ton of cabins for rent in that area, but we book through 5 Star Cabin Rental. http://www.naturalbridgecabinrental.com/

    That Particular cabin was called "Serenity Falls." It's very rustic (not as modern as the rest) but it is very secluded and quiet. Here's the link: http://www.naturalbridgecabinrental.com/content/serenity-falls-nature-lovers


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