2009 Civil Rights Game

Here we are at last week's annual Civil Rights game in Cincinnati (Reds vs. White Sox). In attendance were Muhammad Ali, Bill Cosby and Hank Aaron. We ate junk food from my purse and bravely cheered for the away team. Although going to a ballgame is one of my favorite summer activities, you'll usually find me scanning the stands for wandering snack vendors or attentively waiting my turn to participate in the wave. I am a very enthusiastic waver. And eater.

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The White Sox wore 1964 throwback Jerseys.

2009 Civil Rights Game Reds vs. White <span class=

The above photo sends my mind on an awfully random tangent. See my armpit? Doesn't it look weird? Some women worry about their kankles or muffin tops. I think I have vagina armpits. See it? ::hides face::


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