Red River Gorge

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goats at campground
Yes, those are GOATS.

cabin coffee

My creation

*Pups photo taken by Bryan. I love their little faces - I wonder what they were looking at?

We spent the weekend at a cabin in Red River Gorge with friends. The Gorge is located in the clifty wilderness of Eastern Kentucky's Daniel Boone National Forest. The park is filled with natural arches, rock shelters and waterfalls. We hiked through the forest, sat on the edge of a cliff and walked across a creaky suspension bridge. Back at our cabin, we grilled our food, explored the neighboring woods and hung out in the hot tub. We listened to the rain on our covered deck and tried to spot frogs in the puddles below. It was a great time.

This was our second experience renting a cabin down in those parts. I highly recommend it! Back in January, we stayed the night in a little a-frame tucked in a snowy wooded valley. It was too cold to do much, but we enjoyed the fireplace, seclusion and beautiful surroundings.

We love this place so much, Kurt and I have been dreaming about getting married on a cliff-side overlook and having our friends and family stay in the cabins nearby. Wouldn't that be rad?

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  1. That looks like a great trip (and great photos).Is that the Nada tunnel in the second photo collage? I love that tunnel so much.


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