Our little garden patch.

Over the weekend we planted our vegetable garden (#2 on my list of spring to-do's). Our garden plot resides at Kurt's Mom's house, where she has an incredible yard ... there's even our very own garden watchman - a merciless, varmint-hunting orange cat that prowls around like she owns the place. We've entrusted her to keep the garden in top shape while we are away during the work week.

first garden

just having a chat

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Little plantlings.

So far, we've planted: sweet basil, spicy globe basil, dill, chives, striped roman tomatoes, Santorini salad tomatoes, red pear tomatoes, TC Jones tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce mix, white pearl cucumbers, purple beauty peppers, and Cubanelle peppers. Might add a few more things.

I can't wait to watch what happens.


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