Beast Master

After a long winter, I feel a little twinge of guilt for having the dogs cooped up in our teeny apartment on all of those cold days. Now that its warm, a good dog outing has become part of our usual routine (run the dogs ragged - #7 on my list). I have the best time when the dogs can tag along on our adventures - sometimes I feel like the places they aren't allowed are not as cool anyway, so why not just run around on a hillside instead?

Hill sprints
Wrigley, Kurt and Mule on Baringer Hill, Cherokee Park.

On Flickr, my brother commented, "Kurt looks like the Beast Master leading his troops to battle. Wrigley is hardly breaking a sweat, but doing a good job being the point man. Mule is loyally watching Kurt's Back." That made me laugh. Beast Master.


Mule seems more interested in looking after us than frolicking outdoors. Wrigley, of course, could not give a crap about what we are doing. The only thing on his mind is chasing moving objects and sniffing poops. He's a wild man.

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Wrigley is an Italian Greyhound - he has to RUN! When we return from work and take them outside, he immediately goes for the nearest stick. He'll run with it, zipping around us in circles, totally pleased with himself. This game does not require our participation. He just likes to run around with his prize. He could go on forever. Seeing his enthusiasm always brightens my day.


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