We made soap!

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Homemade eucalyptus/jasmine soap.

Check it out, we made our own soap! It is eucalyptus and jasmine scented, made with coconut oil. It smells like a dream and lathers quite nicely.

I admit, I was a bit skeptical. I appreciate good beauty products and my shower's windowsill is lined with schmancy body wash, exfoliating scrubs and in-shower body lotions. Yes, lotion in the shower. Because ... I am a sucker. I just start to imagine those computer-generated moisture beads soaking into my dermal desert, and I buy, buy, buy like some sort of crazed Supermarket Sweep contestant.

But after the first lather, I was easily convinced. I'd happily trade all of the bottles for a brick of the homemade version. Not only am I am squeaky clean and free of all chemical residue, but forgoing store-bought bath products is worth of the satisfaction and self-sufficiency of home crafts.

Thank you Alex, for teaching us how.


  1. :) Making soap makes me happy. I'm ready to do some more experimental soaps.

  2. I am just starting to research and find recipes for goat's milk soap. I have pygmy's and really don't know if I can even use their milk for soap can you use it or freeze it for later use? Do you have a simply recipe for the goat's milk soap. Fragranced or not.

  3. Sorry, although I would like to, I have not made soap with any milk products. We used coconut oil for these soaps. Goat milk soap sounds lovely. Good luck!


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