Kelly's Ballpark Birthday Party

We spent today at the ballpark, in honor of our friend Kelly's birthday.

I've come to realize that there is nothing better than sitting in the grass section at the Bats game. I took my shoes off and pushed my toes into the cushy grass. When the sun is high and you close your eyes, it is almost like you are at the beach. I held a lady bug and listened to our friends tell stories, barely aware of the game going on. But that's okay.

I had nachos and two margaritas that tasted like lemon-lime slushies. Kurt refers to them as "delicious lemonades that make you feel good about yourself."

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Me + Margarita

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Kurt farted hot dog scented farts all night long.

Ballpark Birthday
This is a picture of Alan (left) trying to start the wave. Justin getting into it (middle) and birthday girl on right.

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This was our gift to Kelly. Ants on a log (almond style), cuties and a bar of our homemade soap.

We are returning to Slugger Field on Tuesday for the Humane Society's Dog Day in the Park. Dog's are welcome and the proceeds go to the Kentucky Humane Society. It will be Wrigley's first ballgame. Also, Kurt's brother-in-law plays for the away team! Cool.


  1. sheesh, it's already that warm in KY? We still have to scrape off frost off our car windows...

  2. Yes, we're having lovely weather. Let's go camping!

    In the last picture, I'm obliviously developing a killer sunburn. Now I have a hurty lobster neck.


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