I'm sending you a letter.

I kind of like the nostalgic iconography of air mail and old stamps and all that. Although, I don't write nearly enough letters. I have a drawer full of stationary that is being neglected.

I may have just peed my pants over these neat telegrams. You just type in what you want to send, and Telegramstop.com will mail out one of these retro telegrams, stamped and sealed in a manila envelope. All for 4 dollars and some change.

A telegram from Telegramstop.com

You know those fancy wax seals used to close envelopes? I was impressed to find out that Kurt has one with his initials - nothing says important person than a personal wax stamp. (Maybe I'll get one when my name changes!) Anyway, it was Kurt, actually, who showed me these neat wax seal necklaces by Pyrrha. He usually has an eye for these things. The pendants are cast from authentic 19th cenury letter seals.

Pyrrah seal necklaces from Magpie.

And while I'm on the subject of letter-writing, look at these neat wedding invitations:

Velum, brown paper, typewriter font, photobooth pictures ... spotted on A Cup of Joe.

Airmail-inspired stamps and stationary, via Brooklyn Bride.

Now that I'm all amped to write a letter, does anyone want one? I've never met most of the people who comment here, and I'd love to draw you a picture or tell you a story. Say the word and I will snail mail you. Could be fun.


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