Family Portraits

Family Portrait 1

Family Portrait 2

Months ago, Kurt and I planned an elaborate secret mission that involved driving to Cincinnati and sneaking our dogs into a hipster bar's vintage photo booth for uber-cool family portraits. Unfortunately, it was a bust. After a long car ride with two unruly dogs, we discovered that the coveted photo booth, the only old school photo booth for miles around, was out of order. Crumbs. We drowned our sorrows in milkshakes and Cherry 7 Ups before heading back home empty handed.

But Oh! A second opportunity came a-knocking. And thankfully, Victor at Louisville Photographic Booth doesn't mind pets in his booth (even half-feral maniacs like my Wrigley.)

See some more photo booth photos from that night on my Flickr.

*Edit*: Look! Our family portrait was the subject of Louisville Photographic Booth Co.'s first blog post! Hehe.


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