Dog Day at the Park

Last night we took Mule and Wrigley to Dog Day at the Park, a fundraiser at Slugger Field for the Kentucky Humane Society. For $2 per pet (plus general admission) dogs were allowed to enjoy the ballgame too.

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Wrigley heckling the outfielder.

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Dog burrito.

Due to the chilly weather, Wrigley refrained from being a maniac. He was content to snuggle in my lap, wrapped up in a coat.

But I reckon he is a baseball fan. His little curious eyes darted around, and he was very alert (mesmerized!) by the goings-on. Mule seemed a bit apathetic, lounging around under the table, occasionally emerging to request a steak sandwich.

We were tempted to throw Wrig over the rail into the baseball diamond. We'd definitely be kicked out, but how funny would that be? Wrigley would be having the time of his life, the ultimate game of chase, and NO ONE would be able to catch him. The crowd would go wild. It would be worth it. He'd be on Pepsi Vision!

And guess what else? Kurt's brother-in-law, Wilken, is on the 40-man roster for the Detroit Tigers. And last night, he happened to be playing for the Bat's opposing team, the Toledo Mud Hens.

Pepsi Vision
I'd like to see my head that large someday.

Kurt took a picture of Wilken's head on Pepsi Vision. Because really, how many people do you know get to be on Pepsi Vision?

And while I'm on the subject of baseball, why are Minor League team logos so much cooler? I would rock out the spirit apparel for any of these teams.

And my favorite:


That biscuit really gets me.

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