#5. Buy a bathing suit.

Swimsuits have such short lives in stores. They appear in February, when your mind is still trapped in a snow globe, and they disappear from the racks before it even gets hot enough to wear one. Such is my experience, anyway. When I am sweating and desperate to take a dip, all that is left in the stores are those dumpy granny suits with the weird pantyhose colored linings.

So I can cross off numero 5 from my Springtime to-do's. I bought the one I had my eye on, and on sale to boot!

Now nothing can get between me and the WORLD'S TALLEST WATER RIDE.

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  1. that ride would make me shit my pants SO HARD. I'm normally not afraid of rollercoasters, but those fall water rides give me mini heart attacks. I think I hate water.


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