St. Petersburg: City of Words

St. Petersburg: City of Words from Russia! magazine. Illustrated by Vera Evstafieva and Andrew Biliter.

My best friend's boyfriend, Andrew, co-created this awesome map of St. Petersburg for Russia! and it was featured in the New Yorker. The map re-creates the contours of the city with geographically relevant quotations from classic Russian literature. Cool, don't you think?

Beth and Andrew moved to Russia after college, and have been living and working in Moscow for what seems like forever (but actually just a couple of years). He writes for magazine and it was recently featured in the
Russia! and she is currently translating a trilogy of sci-fi novels. I miss her a lot.

But guess what?! Kurt and I are going to visit them in exactly 24 days!
Neither of us have been to Russia - in fact, I've never stepped foot out of the USA. And here I go, off to Moscow. Of all places! I'm not sure what to expect but I am thrilled nonetheless.

And shame on me, I've never read one word of Gogol,
Brodksy, Chekhov or Dostoevsky. So, I've requested a reading list from Beth - a book for each place we plan to visit: Moscow, St. Petersburg and the countryside that lies between the two cities. Maybe after a few stories it will finally sink in that I'm going to this far away land.

What I'm reading:


  1. So why Russia exactly? Are you in a secret government experiment over there? hehehe...

  2. I'm going to visit my friend. No experiments that I know of ...

  3. oh shit! When I went to Moscow, I hated that place so much. I have a friend who grew up in Moscow I could get you in contact with who could tell you some things your friends might now know. And I've always dreamed of going to Saint Petersburg, because my dad went when I was little, and everything he told me was like a friggin fairy tale. All the palaces!!!!!!!!!!! But dang, you're going when it's gonna be cold as EFF.

  4. I don't know too much about any of these places. When I think of Russia, I think of cold, so at least it will live up to my expectations in that way.

    St. Petersburg looks really pretty in pictures though. I wish you could come with us! We'll have to meet up for another adventure soon because I miss you. <3


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